Dr. Samuel Messieh, MD

Serving Central Florida since 1991.

Dr. Samuel Messieh is a board-certified orthopedic surgeon who specializes in hip and knee replacement procedures.

Meet Dr. Messieh

“My name is Dr. Samuel Messieh. I’m an orthopedic surgeon in Central Florida serving this community since 1991. I have a passion for hip and knee replacement. It’s my life, it’s still an area that intrigues me, and I think we’re continuing to evolve, improve, and stay on the cutting edge all the time.

We’ve always prided in having the best techniques to reduce the potential risk for infection, but during the surgery, to me, that’s the most important place out of all to take care and make sure that we’re practicing the best sterile techniques, and we’re doing high volume procedures with regularity so that there are no mishaps. All of these are in an effort to reduce errors.

My feeling about measuring success is not just with the metrics that we’re measuring which have to do with the abridged length of stay, minimal pain, usage, and minimal complications, but also exceeding the expectations that the patient has for the procedure and for their treatment. That’s how we know we’ve done a good job; if we exceed the patient’s expectations.”

What our patients are saying:

I had my surgery yesterday morning, 24 hours ago. I didn’t have any pain, and I was able to stand and walk 2 hours after surgery. But, the hip pain I had before doesn’t exist. I’m very pleasantly surprised at the level of care and astuteness that you get in this hospital.
Barry Kaufman
Dr. Messieh is, to me, almost a saint. I mean the guy knows his stuff, he knows what he’s doing, and he explains it well. A doc that does that means that they care about practicing medicine and making sure to give proper treatment and proper care, and that means a lot to me.
Norma Kepner
Dr. Messieh is an outstanding orthopedic doctor. I had my left hip replaced by Dr. Messieh in January, 2019 after months of pain. The surgery was totally successful. After 9 months, I have no restrictions in my movement at all and absolutely no pain. I absolutely recommend Dr. Messieh.
Jerry Good
Data from HealthGrades™
Data from HealthGrades™


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